A Quest For Permanent Nothings

by Mammal is a Mountain

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All songs written and performed by Dan Lynch*

Recorded with two SM57s.

*Additional Musicians:
Conor McCann - Bowed Guitar & Recorded Rain sample on Song #3.
Rob Wojcikiewicz - Cymbals on Song #1
Andy Patt - Trombone on Song #1
Steve Rosenzweig - Trumpet on Song #1

Recorded & Mixed in various hallways, bedrooms and one particular garage by Dan Lynch**

**Additional Engineering:
Jameson Dunham - Recorded Noise Sample on Song #1 at Central Presbyterian Church in Geneseo, NY

Cover Art possibly drawn by Albert Tissandier.
[Lunar halo and luminescent cross observed during the balloon Zénith's long distance flight from Paris to Arcachon in March, 1875]

Special Thanks to: My Brother, The Whale & The Warbler Family, My Gamma Family, Jameson, Jamie, Vadala, Furg and every person who went to a house show. Also thanks to Jodi, Tom and Marni.



released November 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mammal is a Mountain New York

Indie basement ensemble from behind the eyelids. Seeks audible bliss in the albums of The Band and The Low Anthem. Prefers tone over tonality. Invigorated by frequency-eating.
Straight out of upstate NY bb

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Track Name: I'm Not A Man
August nights into September; do I really love her? would I even be able to tell? right here in my own little hell, I don't want her to be here. i try to be a bigger man but I cant sleep until I try and find some relief, cant stop thinking of her, but I'm just her latest flirt, she can't remember my name. when i feel like the world could be revealed; all its secrets and political shields could be washed away, start a brand new fuckin day, we both know its impossible. its these little things we argue into our drinks. drink it fast let information sink, impaired judgement. at least i know I'm not a man, a bearded boy and pale white skin. who am i to be loved?
Track Name: Revisited (May 3rd)
Its safe to say i'm afraid. i'm twenty-two and i got no way to make it thru the next 3 days, but i got good friends and place to stay. I'm trying to get back, back to you and i know i've said but this time its true. I'm sober enough know but i need a drink and all these cigarettes in my mouth - like an instinct. finally put the pills down, down in my stomach to sink. i'm all fucked up so i won't back out in case that's what you think. Remember at midnight on May the third? you made your sister give us a ride and got real hurt. they say its not your fault, but we both know it is. i was in the back seat, sheets to the wind.
Track Name: Airend's Song (People Change)
Take off all the makeup, our drugs are here. We're gonna take handful of faders dear and drink from that bottle until i see clear. i just need you, little darling, for the atmosphere. Why are we lying on your floor? Who left the light on and opened the door? Well fuck you for talking, but i need to know more. my eyes don't recognize, they just ignore. Let us forgot our bodies on this tuesday night. cigarettes - the smoke is lies. I can't give you a second try, i just don't care enough to do things right. I never wanted to even know my name, so i wrote you this shitty song today, so i could speak what i never could say: "Honey, you know people change. But you can't change them, and you can't change that. You can't change them because then you'll never get them back." I act like a child, pulling my hair out and drinking blood to prove what i'm about. I always make best friends with the things I doubt. i just need you darling to keep me around.
Track Name: Shame Song
oh i think i know just what you need. for me to up and go, so you can leave. it all goes to show we're so incomplete. everything i know is the reason I don't even sleep. you can cut off all your hair, we don't care, because your eyes remain and oh the way that they stare, guarding your brain. i always try to put myself in front of your face. everything you know is the reason for your pain. well i wear you my dear in ink in a tattoo everyday. the fireworks that we share can never be replaced the love we now bare is nothing near what we first made. happiness i know is a risk we both gotta take. i think i know just what you need but i think i can finally show, i know absolutely nothing. when its dark we get dark we you know its easier without any shame; as far as friends go, you are strong, you are family, you're not pure, you are pristine.

you are actually somebody.