Are You My Best Friend?

by Mammal is a Mountain

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Composed October 2011
Recorded in one evening, March 2012

Recorded at FLCC Studios
Engineered by Travis Handley & Jameson Dunham
Mastered By Dan Lynch


released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Mammal is a Mountain New York

Indie basement ensemble from behind the eyelids. Seeks audible bliss in the albums of The Band and The Low Anthem. Prefers tone over tonality. Invigorated by frequency-eating.
Straight out of upstate NY bb

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Track Name: Harmonies, Cats
you say i have patience ((but darlin that's just for you))
because when i walk to your apartment there is nothing that i'd rather do
than listen & sing & hold you

(when will you realize i'm always telling you the truth)

you sing you are what you love ((& not what loves you back))
well I sang you that song, hoped you'd catch what i was getting at
but now its just something we strum
as we sing harmony to your cat
(( lindsay oh how come this isn't working out at last ? ))

i want to isten & sing & be with you
(when will you realize i'm always telling you the truth)
Track Name: College Town, Lips
we sing on sadderday
Track Name: Tryin'
I'm just trying to be nice, so i'll take your advice
i'd give anything for a night where you call me yours

why do i think you are the light? the way you sing makes smile
i bet you think I'm a child, writing songs about a girl i barely know

you're just trying to be nice, sleeping next to me at night
i awake with your hair in my eyes - i know this i what i want

could i be your light? i swear i'd make worth your time
i know you won't change your mind

but I wish you would
Track Name: Psych Major
don't you know you could always say the right thing?
but you don't - that's why i think you are lovely.

i know i'm half the man that you probably want
& i know i'm nothing that you need
but there is something happening
why do you keep reappearing in my dreams?

are you my best friend? are you my darling?
fuck these questions - i love you either way.