Family Noise Harvest

by Mammal is a Mountain

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Noises recorded in noisy rooms from 2010 - 2013.

Dan Lynch - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Accordion
Jameson Dunham - Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Drums
Robert Wojcikiewicz - Mandolin, Fiddle, Bowed Banjo, Noise

Track 1 - Recorded in a basement, West Monroe, NY, summer of 2012. All instruments performed and mixed by Jameson Dunham.

Track 2 - Recorded in small bedroom, Geneseo, NY, on a day in June 2012. All instruments performed by Dan Lynch. Engineered by Jameson Dunham.

Track 3 - Recorded in a large living-room, Geneseo, NY, in one night during November 2012. All instruments performed by Robert Wojcikiewicz and Dan Lynch.

Track 4 - Recorded at FLCC Studios, Studio A, Canandaigua, NY, November 2010. Engineered by Dylan Synder. Performed by Dan Lynch and Jameson Dunham with Cameron Mitchell on drums.

Mixed by
- Dan Lynch (Tracks 2, 3)
- Jameson Dunham (Track 1)
- Dylan Synder (Track 4)

Mastered by
- Dan Lynch (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
- Dylan Synder (Track 4)


released August 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Mammal is a Mountain New York

Indie basement ensemble from behind the eyelids. Seeks audible bliss in the albums of The Band and The Low Anthem. Prefers tone over tonality. Invigorated by frequency-eating.
Straight out of upstate NY bb

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Track Name: Song For A Dream
mary please have mercy on your son. please forgive the creature he's become. he tries to lead his life, always spun. oh mary, have mercy for what he's done. oh mary have mercy for what he has done. a couple of bullets and a couple of guns. he was hiding out in his cabin
was a craftsman crafting a coffin, with whole note eyes, like a sunken surgeon, big wide eyes closed like a virgin's. For Suburbia submerged his soul, put out the fire & pissed on the coals turned his mind to automatic scroll, no one's left in there to take control he curls up at night in his foxhole, hangs it upside down on the flagpole he said "everyone has their goals, mine was a pistol " mary please take pity on your son and all his drugs and treason when he speaks, all the tension, mistook his love for an omen all he feels is the confusion, faith hearted with his weapon when all he needed was a woman, someone to wrap him like a ribbon keep him in his happy prison, let him know he was a person, let him know he was a person
Track Name: Replicate
this ones for my daughter who has yet to be born or even conceived but that don't matter anymore even if she don;t exist or ever seems to manifest its the reason why i live you know i cant give up that shes got my mamas eyes and has her mother's hair
the one thing she takes from me is her blank stare and the way that she lies right through her teeth, the ones i had fixed for her so she could smile back at me. I know I'm selfish when I speak of her - i gotta get it out now so we can have a future. It is not her responsibility to love me back, but it is my role in life to make sure she is well kept.
Track Name: All That Pressure (God Will Not Save You)
The gun in her hand, will bring happiness as planned. I said “I’d take that bullet too, but darling you, still, Have so much to give even after the paintings did, so artist please, paint yourself a breeze I’m careful to talk and I watch where I walk but I always run, getting lost on my way to the sun. I craft poetry with melody to keep sanity in these awful streets. the money I had went to beer on tap, for creativity, at least that’s how I see. Now these, piano keys get pressed ease, they’ll relax me, through there harmonies. So if you sleep, dream of peace You must get to the coast, the salt water is close. The land and the sea collide possibilities. The family you once had, is all in the past. They’ve given up on you, and your eternal doom. So consider your sins, though god is not within, not within you or I, or the stars and moon in the sky, but the path that you take, a united mistake, where your life falls through, god cannot save you. when your life falls through, god will not save you. The gun in my hand will bring happiness as planned. She said “before you do, think this through, Can you recall what you did last fall? You saved my life, kept me from going into the light, but if you go, I will go, god will not save you & I can’t too.