Memory Albums

by Mammal is a Mountain

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Jamie Greene - Drums
Jameson Dunham - Bass, Piano
Michael Vadala - Organ, Piano, Keys
Sally Schaefer - Violin, Harmonies
Robert Wojcikiewicz - Mandolin
Dan Lynch - Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Piano

Additional Musicians:
Andrew Strzepek - Lead Guitar (5, 9)
Billy Lynch - Backing Vocal (6, 9)
Trevor Findley - Saxophone (2, 6)
Travis Handley - Engineering (2, 3, 6)

All songs written by Dan Lynch
Produced by Mammal is a Mountain
Recorded at: FLCC Studio B (Canandaigua, NY),
- GCC Recording Studio (Geneva, NY)
- other various garages, living rooms and bedrooms (Geneseo & Oneida, NY)

Additional Engineering by Jameson Dunham
Mixed by Dan Lynch

Cover art by Jodi Bentivegna

Special Thanks to: My Brother, Mute City, 28 Livingston Girls, G Mutz, Jodi Bentivegna, ROMY, Ursula, Marni, Conor McCann, Garth Clark, Ben Freiman, Dan Pugh, Ferg, Bri, all the pals that have ever existed & every single human who came to a house show ~


released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Mammal is a Mountain New York

Indie basement ensemble from behind the eyelids. Seeks audible bliss in the albums of The Band and The Low Anthem. Prefers tone over tonality. Invigorated by frequency-eating.
Straight out of upstate NY bb

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Track Name: Calendar Heart
you’ve got a calendar heart, so god bless you too, a drunk catholic kid, got the best of you.
with your shaded eyes, your faded mouth, you cannot hear, what is all around.
so stop calling on me, calling on me, to fix what you’ve done.
i hate where you are, hate what you say, hate what you’ve become,
he leads you to his room, while he takes a shot, of his jesus christ, but it is not enough.
he spoke a prayer, you actually called it art, he said “god grant me, a calendar heart”
and that’s exactly what he, exactly what he, exactly what he got,
its everything, that you are, and everything i’m not
You haven’t heard from him, in a couple of weeks and you log online, find out he’s deceased
you call all his friends, they tell you to fuck off. how do you feel? exactly what is a god? I know you feel lost.

a drunk catholic kid, all the kegs are kicked and little pills dissolve into a little stomach
he finds the red wine, laughs at it, he didn’t know our think this could be his last drink - and it was.
Track Name: Sister's Hands
My mother’s blood, it is where i come from. my mama’s eyes, they are green like mine
my brother’s mind, well it changed mine. my brother’s love, i know it is one
there is no weight that we carry, upon which we cannot hold
the photographs we marry, our memories are an album
my sister’s hands, her tiny little hands, well they worked harder than any man’s. my sister writes, it is her little way to fight
my father’s heart, slowly starts. my father weeps, for its us he cannot keep
there is no weight that we carry, upon which we cannot hold
the photographs we marry our memories are an album
Track Name: Why Do I Always...
we won't get much better than this i know, i swear my dear
what we lack in love i'm gonna make up with hate when we go to bed

so dig dear deeper your fears can't go to church i know i tried
so fuck me, over, 'cause i'm over every thing that has set me back

feed your snake its lovely date little mouse right down his throat
your glasses with the scratches there too wide for your eyes i love the way they fall

"you're drunk Dan, i'm drunker, lets get more liquor,
we'll end up at my apartment
in the morning or afternoon when i wake right up to you i'm gonna break your body thru, we'll shake the room"
Track Name: You Are The Storm
Bide your time, you’ll love once more. kill the inside, forget you - you are the storm. you, are the storm
young with her eyes, lost sight of what to account for. you’re not worth the fight, don’t care where you wake up anymore. where you wake up, i don’t care
wait up all night, i sleep now with the sun. you say i can’t do right, but its you screaming to what’s above. now you hide, from what you’ve done
Bide your time, you’ll love once more. kill the inside, forget you - you are the storm
Track Name: Every Sunday
leave your faith in the calender, every sunday
lead with your mind, not with your heart
keep those you love, the furthest apart
make your way, the way you want
take no shit for what you've done

lay awake while you dream
through the mirror, your vanity
and your sister's blood on the streets
questions you need answering
leave your faith in that calender, every sunday

your faders take away your night
you say you want to know how to die
and that you need your jesus christ
you're all grown up but can't live your life
I say make your way, the way that you want
you better take no shit for what you've done

calender heart, even tells you how to fall apart, every sunday
Track Name: The CNY Ballad
Lake effect off great Ontario, Lake effect off great Ontario
its falling all night so i trudge through the snow
lake effect off great Ontario

My mothers a woman of medicine, my mothers a woman of medicine
she cured me once so i asked her again,
she said son, "no pill could make you live"

I'm prayin' my hands stay warm, i'm prayin' my hands stay warm.
there are songs to be played on our wooden fret boards,
i'm praying to something, my hands stay warm

christina she's out the door, my singing couldnt keep her here no more
i should have turned her around but for her wasy i adore
christina, she left through the door

i drink whiskey now to try and get my sleep
but i stole my mommas pills to make my body weak
and when i stand up and i count to three, i hope i die before she sees me

but i'm wide a fucking wake in the head
i laced up my boots, im going searching instead
my lovers too good to be dead
Track Name: Ode To Dirty Lovers
walking through the mud, looking for new blood.
‘cause when my daddy died, i felt so alive
you cant see the sky, you're way too fucking high.
you talk like you know how to pull him from the clouds

i'm walking through thick mud gonna find me someone to love
‘cause my mama just told me lies all she spoke were lies.
drink your liquid down, put your car northbound,
why can't you steer it straight? you fucking lightweight

i'm trudging through the snow, i got a pocket full of blow
it makes my mind race, i'm gonna forget her face
but when i come back down, i can turn my life around,
i wish you could say the same…
we both know it’s only your father to blame

now you're pacing back and forth, like you bettin' on the horse,
it's just the shot in your arm that does your family harm.
is that what you want? don't be what you're not.
if you go to hard you’ll die - please don't live your father's life.

we're walking through thick mud,
look at what we've become: dirty lovers, without a mother.
i try and forget that thought - but being sobers hard enough,
we know precisely now how to reach the clouds
Track Name: Time, Matters
a matter of time, a matter of time, a matter of time before i let you go

i can’t love, when you have so much hate
you criticize what’s done, and who has got away
its all from, you’re proper little ways
i’m not perfect, but at least i’m not afraid
of all the things i've done, everyone i’ve shunned
all the things i’ve seen, they don’t bother me

you talk with your eyes, but you’re white as ghost
you think that the sky, is the only place to go
a matter of time, a matter of time
we’re both wrong, both right - walk away, lets go

i can’t wait, all through the night
for the sun to rise, giving you clean light
take your faith, and rope it to a kite
i'm not perfect but at least i got my life
to make do with what i have, when everything turns bad
all the things i've seen, they don't bother me
Track Name: Dear, Restless
i think we're waiting too long, too long
and we'll probably both split when things go wrong
you spin my head, clutch my iris to calm
I want to lay next to you through every dawn

i think we're waiting too long, too long
soon we'll both fail in the system we love
we'll probably look good regardless of our tongues
i feel your eyes burn holes like your daddy's gun

i think we're waiting too long, too long
we always talk about communication
we say the right words to string things along
i think we're just like one another
i think we're waiting too long, too long
we only connect when we drink ourselves dumb
though in the morning what we still have is strong
it just seems so fake like how i'm forcing this song

i think we're waiting too long, too long
sometimes i pretend that we're movie stars
because i love the way you dress t'go to the bars
the smile you wear, cigarette between fingers