Ode To Dirty Lovers // Backed By The Bank

by Mammal is a Mountain

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// NEW ALBUM OUT JANUARY 21st, 2017 //

Jamie Greene - Drums
Jameson Dunham - Bass
Michael Vadala - Organ
Dan Lynch - Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Piano

_ Ode To Dirty Lovers ~
Engineered by Dan Lynch & Jameson Dunham
Recorded at GCC Studios, Geneva NY
(and other various garages and bedrooms in Geneseo & Oneida NY)
Mixed by Dan Lynch

_ Backed By The Bank ~
Previously released on Bangkok Blend's “Summer Sampler 2016”
Co-Written by Billy Lynch & Dan Lynch
Engineered & Mixed by Dan Lynch

Cover & banner art was drawn by our dear friend Jodi Bentivegna ~


released January 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Mammal is a Mountain New York

Indie basement ensemble from behind the eyelids. Seeks audible bliss in the albums of The Band and The Low Anthem. Prefers tone over tonality. Invigorated by frequency-eating.
Straight out of upstate NY bb

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Track Name: Ode To Dirty Lovers
walking through the mud, looking for new blood.
‘cause when my daddy died, i felt so alive
you cant see the sky, you're way too fucking high.
you talk like you know how to pull him from the clouds
i'm walking through thick mud gonna find me someone to love
‘cause my mama just told me lies all she spoke were lies.
drink your liquid down, put your car northbound,
why can't you steer it straight? you fucking lightweight
i'm trudging through the snow, i got a pocket full of blow
it makes my mind race, i'm gonna forget her face
but when i come back down, i can turn my life around,
i wish you could say the same…
we both know it’s only your father to blame
now you're pacing back and forth, like you bettin' on the horse,
it's just the shot in your arm that does your family harm.
is that what you want? don't be what you're not.
if you go to hard you’ll die - please don't live your father's life.
we're walking through thick mud,
look at what we've become: dirty lovers, without a mother.
i try and forget that thought - but being sobers hard enough,
we know precisely now how to reach the clouds
Track Name: Backed By The Bank
"please tell me what i want to know now & i'll try to help you anyway i can. but if you don't want to anyhow - i promise, you'll wish you did. this is for my superiors who are backed by the bank, i need something to take to the board, don't be so useless, don't play it safe - its all about the money, more & more"

"Rebecca, what'd the boss make you do now? i know he made you change the numbers twice. it's 2007, you better go now - you better get the hell out of Detroit. this is for his superiors who are backed by the bank, he needs something to take to the board. everyone's so two-faced and so fucking fake. it's all about the money, more & more...."